If you are a normal individual and not rich already, you probably have asked yourself this question, and if you are like most people you probably have answered yourself with a number of reasons and excuses.  

Although there may be a countless number of reasons and excuses, they can all be broken down into four basic categories.  Unless you win the lottery, inherit it, or by some miracle it falls from the sky into your lap; to get rich in this country you must:
                                          1.  Have the Desire,
                                          2. Be Motivated to do it,
                                          3. Have a Method or vehicle to get there
                                          4. Have a plan of Action.
Believe it or not, most people fail in the very beginning simply because they don’t have the “desire”.
Wanting to be rich or wealthy isn’t enough; you must have a
“Core Desire” which is totally different from just saying, “I want to be rich”.  

The key element here is that most people never isolate or identify the fact that this is what they really want.

Unless you are suffering from some type of mental disorder, some deep-rooted guilt or fear, you probably would choose being rich over being poor or “just getting by”.

With that being said let me continue by pointing out a few things.

Dating back to the beginning of time there have been a certain segment of the nation’s population that have been duped into believing that having a lot of money is an evil thing and in some cases even “against God”.   I choose to call it “subliminal brainwashing”.   How many times have you heard the expression, “I don’t want to be rich, I just want to have enough to do what I want to do”?  This is “subliminal brainwashing” at its finest, orchestrated and perpetrated by a select group of individuals, and manifested over time by broke individuals trying to justify being broke and under achieving.  

It would take a hundred years or more to point out and explain all of the conspiracies, cons and scams being perpetrated on this nation’s population.  We fall for most of them because we have always put more belief and faith in others than ourselves.

Everything in this world is predicated on money.  Please don’t get it “twisted”, if you don’t believe that you’re in a state of serious denial, or totally ignorant of what life’s really all about.

The purpose of this blog is not to point out or explain the importance of money but to explain or point out that acquiring it and a lot of it is more a state of mind than a process.  If the state of mind (mindset) isn’t right, the “desire” in this case isn’t relevant.   

I would remiss if I didn’t mention or give examples of some of the “fears” perpetrated upon us by various factions of this nation, including the government.

This country thrives, or survives on the “working class”, in other words the more people that are working the more the country thrives, or survives.  You work, you pay taxes, which supports the economy and the country.  I am not suggesting that we can change the dynamics of the “system”, we are a nation of leaders and followers.  The rich and wealthy are usually the leaders and rest are followers.  Everybody certainly can’t be a leader or rich, but YOU can if it’s really what you want.

Once you have the “desire” to be rich or wealthy, you must be “motivated” to do it.

“Motivation” is the driving force to achieve any goal.  If you like your present situation and perfectly
content with it, then it’s unlikely that you will be motivated to better your situation.  People that lack
motivation are usually victims of some form of “brainwashing”, “fear”, “depression”, “lack of energy” and who knows what else.  The reason(s) are not important, what’s important is that you recognize it and make the necessary adjustments.  Motivation is probably the most mis-understood aspect of this process; unless you are some very unique individual, your motivation to be rich or wealthy has to be predicated on more than just the fact that you have the “desire” to be rich or wealthy.  You must have a
purpose that goes much deeper and it must be “clearly defined”, some examples are; A better life for yourself or your family, to help the less fortunate, or some other noble purposes.

Once the desire is there and you are properly motivated, you must have a “method”, or a vehicle to get you what you want.  The “method” is probably the easiest or simplest to master. Being in America puts anyone in an automatic position to be rich or wealthy if they have the desire and the motivation, along with a plan of “Action” that I will talk about later.

It has already been proven that a lack Formal Education, your Race, or your Background doesn’t prevent anyone in this country from becoming rich or wealthy.  The opportunities are limitless but you do have to be selective in your choices.  There are a few clichés that are worth mentioning and have proven to be significant in accumulating wealth.

Let me just say that it’s highly unlikely that you will ever be rich or wealthy unless you are in business for yourself.   Certainly there are exceptions but as a general rule you need to be in some type of business for yourself.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, there are enough opportunities available without having to invent or create something new and invest a lot of money.  All you have to do is just piggyback on something that’s already being done, or find a rich mentor to show you the way.

“Follow Trends”, right now the biggest trend in this country is the “Home Based Business”.
Millionaires are being created daily right from their living room or home office.  

The next is “Self-Improvement & Personal Growth”, and another is the “Wellness” industry.

There is a saying that goes: “If you want to make money, you have to go where money is being made”, and my favorite: “The best and fastest way to financial freedom is to follow someone who’s been there and knows the way”.  

Over the next several weeks I will give specifics on how the above mentioned practices can be put in place and implemented.  In the meantime the most important thing to remember is that becoming rich or wealthy is 90% mental and 10% work.